Things To Do In Hunter Region- A Brief Insight

Hunter region is also called as Wine Country, which is a just a three hour drive from Sydney north. It’s a great place for wine lover, but apart from vineyard you will come across plenty of things to do in Hunter Region.
Check out things to do in Hunter Region
So, start planning your next escape to Hunter valley with below mentioned things to do in Hunter Region and explore the region thoroughly-
•    Pamper yourself in local produce
Throughout the time, the place is notable for its finest quality wines. Also you can purchase delectable morsels that include cheeses, olive oils, chocolates and smoked meats directly from the manufacturer. Otherwise, you can head towards any local restaurant to savour the fine flavours of wine and food which is usually held during Hunter Valley wine and food month at Hunter Region vineyards•    Hot air ballooning
This is one of the best ways to experience the place, Make some time either during sunset or sunrise and witness the most beautiful place of Australia in an unforgettable ambience.

•    Enjoy extravagant spa treatment
Pamper yourself with spa treatment in Hunter Valley. These spa therapies ranges from body wraps, scrubs, facials, pedicures and complete body massage. Similarly, there are number of treatments available in order to make you feel rejuvenated. While you are in Hunter Region, enjoy a day at spa either with your spouse or friend and family members.

•    Hunter Valley Chocolate company
Finally, what is the meaning of having a trip without any sort of gratification? In this relate, Hunter Valley Chocolate Company has its 3 outlets situated outside the valley. There you can get access to wide varieties of chocolate and varied flavors of chocolate. You can sample few and then purchase if you are satisfied. There is also a fudge making station wherein you can go through the chocolate process.

•    Australian Woodwork gallery
The woodwork gallery in Australia boasts the presence of stunning woodcraft designs of the native place including home wares, collectibles, and furniture’s and gift items. In fact, you will be amazed by looking at the examples of these skilled craftsmen do.
•    A trip into nature laps
Explore the natural beauty of the place by taking a walk through the spectacular national parks of the place. Spot out native plants and animals like wild flowers, woodland birds and kookaburras as you make your way through Yengo, Watagans, Werakata and Mount Royal.

•    Ride in style and luxury
Whether you are planning to slow down and explore the place at your own pace, in such a case there are great number of fantastic transport options available to choose from. Enjoy a ride through romantic horse drawn carriage.

•    A trip into vineyard
Discover the taste of wide varieties of wines while you take a walk through Hunter Region vineyards. Spend your day by travelling through one cellar to another. While you walk through your way you can find sampling of few wines that done behind the scenes.


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