Must And Should Visit Hunter Valley Wineries

Now-a-days, drinking wine has become a custom all across the planet. The term”wine“ has whole lot of stories to tell with time. In this relate, Hunter valley wineries is considered as home for number of wine making industry, you can taste, vintage as well as delicious wines that belongs to Hunter Valley.
The climatic condition of the place is the main support for wine cultivation. The autumn season helps for cultivating lush green vineyards and it turns automatically into orange-red which falls prior to winter. Great varieties of wines are produced here and it gets transformed with time. Wine tasting is done almost every day and let the travellers to taste the fresh wine.Some of the popular Hunter Valley wineries

List of vineyards in Hunter Valley that helps in making spectacular wines-
•    Audrey Wilkinson vineyard

This is the first and foremost vineyard in the area. And the wine is manufactured in a traditional manner.

•    Bimbadgen estate
This includes exceptional architecture in the current day using modern wine cellar doors with outstanding restaurant.

•    The Hermitage Road Cellar
This is the most significant as well as advanced vineyard in the region producing 6 million litres of wine.
Things to Do In Hunter Valley- The wonder of staying
Hunter valley is a well known for booming wine industry in the field. It’s a home for number of wine manufacturing establishments and abundant of natural, wildlife as well as natural attractions. It is situated at a distance of two hours’ drive way from Australia capital city. It is a perfect place for those who want to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city life and also the stress that comes along with it.
Here is a list of things to do in Hunter Valley on your vacation-
•    Walks recreation and the wildlife reserve
It is a popular picnic as well as recreation area situated in Maitland district. The features of this place are its pump house along with striking chimney as well as ornate brickwork. There are nearly 300 species of birds and other species surrounding the lake.
There are barbeque facilities available along with children playground at old pumping station which was built in the year 1887.The place is available for great number of outdoor weddings and other functions.

•    Australian woodwork Gallery

Australian woodwork’s gallery in Hunter valley was built to showcase the woodwork made in native timbers and Australian made furniture. They do sell handmade wooden gifts as well as furniture designed and manufactured by professional craftsmen as well as woodworkers. All the wooden items are made out of native Australian timbers.

•    Mount Royal National Park

This is a splendid natural environment which is just waiting to be visited and admired. The park comprise of number of birds and animals that retain relatively similar to its ancestors. It is also home for various vulnerable as well as threatened species. When you are at this, you can experience varied vegetation types like shrub land, grassy first, rain forest and yet more.
Enjoy these things to do in Hunter Valley!


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