Wine Tasting Pokolbin, A Wine Lover’s Paradise!

In Australia, there are many regions where one can wish to get fine wine tasting experience. And thus, wine tasting Pokolbin offers to experience the finest wines of the country. It is a rural locality of the famous Hunter Region and situated just 163 km away from Sydney.

This locality is surrounded by huge areas of wineries, which does attract tourist from around the world. There are many Pokolbin wineries one should look for, and because of it is a famous tourist destination no one forgets to visit the place, especially the wine lovers.

The area is indeed known as the wine lover’s paradise of Australia, and because there are many exclusive qualities of wines cane be tested with just one visit to the place. It is said autumns, are the most favourable season to visit this sub-tropical oceanic region, which is few hours’ drive away from the main city of Sydney.

Visit Various Attractions In & Around Pokolbin Wineries

As it was mentioned before, the vast region of Pokolbin is undoubtedly one of the most famous wine lover’s paradises in the world. And, this area is also considered as the most valued place to taste wine in the whole country, as this is the wine lover’s paradise in Australia.

There are various things to do, or attractions to see in the region of Hunter Valley, which surrounds the region of Pokolbin. Some of the attractions are listed below:

•    One can experience the golf course while having a sip from a glass of wine.
•    Various horticulture gardens to look for to get a slight view of the large wineries in the region of Hunter Valley, which surrounds the place. There are various significantly barrel-shaped rooms to try out various types of wines from the many situated cellars.
•    Visit several events occur in the area, which targets to taste wines from the enormous wineries, as well to move with the celebrations.
•    There is also a place in the winegrowers’ area that does show its true colour in the Christmas time. Where once can enjoy the spectacular displaying of lights along with experiencing the wine tasting Pokolbin.
There are quite a few other attractions to look for in the region, but these mentioned above recommendations are widely acknowledged.
Main Varieties of Wine Tasting Pokolbin
There are hundreds of varieties of wines found in the world, and among them, very few are considered to be world class. In Australia too, there are many different variants of wines and wineries surrounds the place. And, in the Hunter Valley, some Pokolbin wineries are producing four types that are famous not only in Australia but throughout the world.
All of those wine varieties are listed below:
•    Semillon:
These golden-skinned grapes do sweet dry wines to dominate its consumers.
•    Chardonnay:
British brought this to Pokolbin, and now these green-skinned grapes dominate the region to produce white wine.
•    Pinot Noir:
This tightly clustered fruit makes one of the finest wines in the world.
•    Syrah:
A dark-skinned grape variety is a prime contender to make red wine, which is the best source in the region of Pokolbin, and also in the entire country.


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