Take a Trip to Pokolbin Vineyards to Explore the Heart of Wine Country

The Pokolbin Vineyards have to be one of the most prestigious destinations among all wine making hubs in Australia. This place is literally the heart of the wine making industry and a very prestigious one too. The place houses some of the best known and finest wineries in all of Australia and also is one of the oldest regions in this business.

Not only is Pokolbin famous for its vineyards, but it is also quite famous when it comes to hospitality. This place has some of the best and most comfortable accommodations for people who are looking forward to take a trip to here.

The facilities available here are simply overwhelming and the number of things to do will not fit in a small list. So here are some things which you can do, in case you are wondering where to start.

Highlights of Pokolbin Vineyards:

The heart of the wine country, Pokolbin Vineyards, has some really exciting highlights. To start with, there are some really big markets to buy wine around here, where you can practically get any type of wine that is brewed in the wineries of this region. A wine festival is held every year, which is quite a very unique occasion.

Dining and drinking some of the finest quality is not an option but in reality is a compulsion, given the quality of food and wine. Here not only can one have fun, but can also educate themselves about wine-making at the two-hour classes, which is all very fun!


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