How Just Two Century Old Hunter Valley Vineyards Become World Famous?

All the wine lovers present in the world must have heard about Hunter Valley vineyards. At least once in their lifetime they might have heard about the place and listed on their bucket list. The region is known for its finest wines in entire Australia. In fact, the region is responsible for cementing Australian wine on the world map. People, who don’t believe the statement, should check about the place on the internet.
There is an inside joke about the people who never heard about Hunter Valley wine. They say that these people may not be interested in wine or might be living in delusion. The fame of the vineyards spread across the world. Though the region’s wine is just two centuries old, yet they booked their names among the best.
Some Points to Clarify the Superiority of Hunter Valley Vineyards among Others
You might argue on how the Hunter Valley vineyards become one of the best in the world. The simplest answer to the question would be its weather. The region is known for its suitableness for wine growing.
Now let us clear some doubt about the region’s wine history in three phases:
•    In 1825, first major plantation for wineries begun by James Busby. He is known as the father of Australian wine.
•    Within the late 1850s, wines from the Hunter Valley vineyards were exposed to the international market.
•    It gets its first popularity in the international market at the beginning of the 20th century. Then rest is history.
Among the various types of wines which are produced in the region. Semillon is the best known Australian white wine.


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